Encompassing six major mountain ranges and seven distinct life zones, Desert National Wildlife Range showcases the
abundance and variety of nature that can be found in Southern Nevada, all just a short drive from Las Vegas. Created in
1936 to provide habitat and protection for desert bighorn sheep, Desert NWR is the largest wildlife refuge outside of
Alaska at 1.6 million acres. Teeming with diversity over a vast landscape, Desert NWR boasts over 500 plant species as
it transitions from the Mojave to the Great Basin Desert.

The Corn Creek Visitor Center is located in the southeast corner of the Range. Our services included layout and
detailing of the entries, plazas and trail that connect to the existing loop trail around the site. The US Fish and Wildlife
Service, who operates the facility, had grown dozens of species and thousands of individual plants from seeds taken
from the site that were used to re-vegetate the disturbed site around the visitor center. We coordinated closely with the
exhibit designer for a seamless transition from inside the center to the exterior trails. The visitor center is highlighted by
a large pond fed by a natural spring.